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Awning or sign question?

We love to answer questions about an awning or sign.

Q.  Can a retractable awning be mounted on the roof part of my house?
A.  Yes a retractable awning can be mounted on the roof.  We specialize in custom installations and we can safely install your retractable awning on the roof part of your house perfectly.
Q.  How well does awnings protect against UV rays?
A.  An awning made with Sunbrella awning material has a rated SPF of over 50; blocking 99% of harmful UV rays.  And since a Sunbrella awning gives you far more coverage than a tippy patio unbrella, it will give your children and pets a great sheltered area to play outside.  And by blocking the UV rays before they penetrate your home, an awning made with Sunbrella helps prevent fading of indoor rugs, drapes and furniture.
Q.  How much wind and rain can a retractable awning withstand?
A.  In general, they will handle light winds up to 20 MPH and light rain showers.  The exact amount of wind and rain will be different for each installation.  The awning should be retracted in heavy rains, thunderstorms or windy conditions.  The basic rule is plain common sense.  If weather conditions prevent you from being outside, the awning should be rolled in.
Q.  How do I get rid of birds under my retractable awning?
A.  Birds are there only for protection; remove the protection and the birds will not want to be there.  The culprit is a hood; which for some does not attract birds but for others, the birds seem to love.  Removal of the hood will solve this problem.  If the fabric is 100% Sunbrella material you will not have any problem with material weathering.  Sunbrella fabric is made for outdoor conditions and is always under a ten (10) year warranty.
Q.  Do I need to have a post on my glass polycarbonate awning?
A.  No, it depends on your home's requirements.